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This is a rediculously basic website made out of sheer boredom. I was hoping it would end up becoming a well known stop for IT Professionals out in the field who are always looking around for tools like the ones here. Many thanks to the patient coders that took the time to create the scripts and resources you can find on the mail page. The links section will contain links to each of their websites where you can obtain the afformentioned scripts. If you have any other suggestions on what I could add, please let me know. I'll update this section periodically with what I consider to be important to this website.

July 26th, 2006

Updated the design a bit. Removed the traceroute and ping scripts since my host blocked outgoing ICMP ping requests. Site is "going live" now. This was a minor project but it made me remember why I stopped doing web design. Screw CSS.


July 24th, 2006

This website is currently under construction. In the end, I want this place to be the web-based tool and script resource for field consultants and IT professionals worldwide. Being a IT Consultant myself I know how frustrating it is to find resources and tools to get the job done ASAP. Hopefully this place will help out just a tad. If you have any suggestions of scripts, tools or other resources that should be added here, please feel free and shoot me an e-mail; admin@niceip.com.