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Third Wave Technology Services - Bar none, the best IT Consulting firm in the greater Los Angeles area.
Ookla Web Technologies - The folks that created and host that bandwidth test on the front page. Also make some other snazzy web based applications.
Sam's Scripts - The fellow who created the WHOIS script on the front page. Good general PHP resource.
DNSReport.com - The folks that host the DNS Report and E-mail Test resources from the front page. Great site, saved me many headaches.
DNSstuff.com - Similar to this site, but has a lot more usefull tools. Hey, at least I'm honest.
Dynamic Drive - Folks who scripted the clock on the upper right side. Good DHTML resource.
Digg.com - Generally entertaing site that I visit multiple times daily.
Slashdot.org - Everyone knows what /. is, right?
Google.com/ig - Google plus a rediculous amount of customizable RSS feeds. Makes a good home page.